The Revolution Will Be Televised

The idea for this project is pretty straightforward: replace our existing economic and political systems with almost completely transparent computer mediated versions. This takes the form of an organization which records and publishes all of its operations.

The business model I am proposing is called an open market. Businesses codify their operations in an easily aggregatable store and everything, except what is necessary to protect consumer privacy, is published. Metasystems can then be created which coordinate the operation of independent actors in the marketplace.

The combination I want to start with is a chain of restaurants/hostels. Workers sign up for working tours and the system recommends the appropriate housing, shifts and rate of pay to make it work.

The system relies heavily on the master/master replication capabilities of CouchDB. Each business has a pool of globally uniquely identified javascript objects. Those pools can be combined to create composite databases with references into the component parts.

The first issue I'm addressing is the scheduling of shifts. I've taken a stab at this problem previously in Rails. I am looking to redo it in Ember and will trade bitcoin for commits. If you are able and interested in helping, join or e-mail me.


2019 is a show set five years in the future. Everything that happens in our world happens there. There are three major systemic changes in progress: